Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, May 25 2016 20:00

Raucus Railway Ruminations

Chris R

It was with open arms we welcomed back our intrepid travellers from a few weeks in the Green Zone of Baghdad. 'Voltaire Wanderers' also made a welcome return to claim the crown and the £25 bar tab. 'Our drinking team has a football problem' - and Aussie rules girl's team from the local area - made a good go of it, and the only team to answer the cricket question correctly. A shout must go out to 'Spartan Matt, yes!' (an anagram of Rats ate my pants) who held his own and came in 5th at half time but joint last with Double Trouble.
A good, bawdy night all round, looking forward to a Summer - if it ever arrives! - of quizzy madness!

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