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Roses Are Red, We All Love a Quiz, Come Join Us Next Week, And We'll Make You.....

Chris R

Post pay-day weekend, the weather and the date conspired to bring the numbers down this week, but 20 sturdy souls still braved the elements for a semi-Valentine quiz this week. A return of the long absent 'Rats Ate my Pants', were joined by 'Notably Stupid', 'The Lonely Hearts Club' and 'The Braybourne Duo' amongst others to quizzle over the free drinks and the rollover jackpot of #132.50! We introduced a special creative round, asking the teams to produce a love poem, ditty or ode of a romantic nature and did they ever step up to the mark!
A special shout must go to '4 Sad, Lonely, Guys' who came a respectable joint second after winning said creative round with a sonnet of iambic pentameter of Shakespearean quality! Truly wasted talent as it turns out they're history teachers, but I'm sure they're pupils appreciate their skills! Thank you too, to 'The Baleteers' for bringing a touch of grace to an otherwise raucous evening, though their 'love' poem was possibly the crudest of the night..
So, the winning bar tab went to 'Notably Stupid', usually also-rans, but finally making off with the loot. The wine of shame went to Rats at my Heart, as it so often does, and the rollover jackpot question was won by 4 sad lonely guys, who were even sadder after missing out on the money!
Next weeks jackpot will be #150.00+, hope to see you all there!

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