Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jul 03 2019 20:00

Sticky wickets!

Chris R

The fans were in full effect this week upstairs as the competition hotted up for the quiz crown and rollover Jackpot.
Regulars The Cherry Yoghurts, The Digestifs, Rum Punch and K-Mao Hamed Ali were joined by It is what it Quiz back after a long absence. There was definitely an American theme to the evening with yanks in abundance in It is what you quiz and the Double Daters. But in the end, there was only one winner.
Superduo the Digestifs took first place after a tough second half some their competition fall away. Then, to their utter delight, they bagged the jackpot of £200 as well! No envelopes this week, just whoever guessed closest, and it goes to show, cricket knowledge does have some value after all!
The bottle of wine went to newbies I'm foe Fife! who swore that was their aim all along. A good, if sticky night. See you all next week for more fun, drinks and prizes!

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