Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Nov 29 2017 20:00

Taking it in the Beer!

Chris R

A quieter night than usual at The Railway Tavern this week, but still had 30 in the house in six teams. Some regulars in the form of 'Rats Ate my Pants' and some not seen for a while with 'Lucky number Sleventeen' and 'And in first place..' back after a long absence. A stiff second half saw first half leaders 'Rats Ate my Pants' caught up by 'Lucky No. Sleventeen' and 'We take it up the Beer!' all of whom were in a three-way tiebreaker for the first prize. Also in a tiebreak were 'The Hairy Russians' and 'And the Winner is...' for the second-to-last prize of a bottle of wine. The same question for both ties was won by 'The Hairy Russians' and 'We take it up the beer!'... The rollover jackpot this week was £63.50 and the choice for the envelope was also won by 'We take it up the Beer!' but they weren't so lucky and the jackpot went unclaimed.
As the winter bites we're expecting more quizzers, and it waits to be seen who'll claim the cash prize. Next week's jackpot will be £78.50!! Hope to see you all there from 8pm!

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Top Teams
We take it up the beer!
Lucky No. Slevinteen
Rats Ate My Pants!
Walking talking Stephen Hawking
The Hairy Russians!
And the winner is..