Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Oct 31 2018 20:00

The Bump Stops Here!

Chris R

A full house at The Railway once again, meaning only those canny quizzers who'd booked a table could take part in the fun and games. Though the venue was very unhalloweeny, Q1 managed to slip a few Halloween questions into the mix to spice or spook up the night.
The quizzers also made an effort, with "Creeping it Real", "Cereal Killers" and "Spooky" (-10 for effort their guys!) though thankfully, no-one had come dressed up. Old favourites, "Rats Ate My Pants" were back after a long absence, as too were "Three Men and a Little Lady", who came with the second pregnant lady this month - must be catching! Both teams made a sterling effort in the second half, along with "3 Guys 1 Amy" to claim the top three spots. The extra bump must have helped though and "Three Men and a Little Lady" took first place.
We just want the wine!, overshot their target by some way to come in third place, whilst new regulars "Quizzed in my Pants" held their own to take fourth with "Creeping it Real". "The Cereal Killers" were leading at half time, but obviously peaked too soon and trailed 8th at the final bell. The wine of shame was taken by the "Red Hot Trivia Peppers" and the jackpot question was a tie between "Team Jerry" and "Three Men and a Little Lady" - but neither got lucky on the envelopes, meaning next week we're up to £170.00 and down to six chances!
See you all there!

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The men and a little lady
Rats Ate My Pants!
3 guys and 1 Amy
We just want the wine
Creeping it real
Quizzed in my pants
Cereal killers