Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Nov 21 2018 20:00

The Quizmas Puns Have Started!

Chris R

Fully booked once again this week, just showing that quizzes obviously like cold weather!
Familiar faces in the form of "We Thought This Was Speed Dating!"; "Dyslexics Untied" were joined by returnees "JCJK", "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris - mas" (see what they did there?) and newbies "Gay 4 Pay", "Tango" and "And In 1st Place".
Twas a tough quiz this evening, with relatively low scores at half-time and some tricky cryptics in the second, but the skills come out and the cream rises. International team (yanks & limeys) "[email protected]", hadn't booked but got lucky and landed a table by the bar. Luck had nothing to do with their win though as they were 3 points clear at the top and received the coveted £25.00 gift card. The wine of shame was claimed by "And In 1st Place" and the jackpot question was won by "We Thought This Was Speed Dating".
Down to just 4 envelopes now, the tension was palpable... drum roll please... ah, no, they didn't win, again. So, just THREE ENVELOPES NEXT WEEK! We can't give it away...
Special shout out to "Tango", who only scored 13 all night, but were great sports and won a free drink for their unrivalled scientific know how! Well done guys!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Chris - mas!
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