Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, May 18 2016 20:00

The Railway: Crossroads to the world!

Chris R

It was a very international ensemble in the Railway tonight, with the ex-colonies well represented from Australia to the US of A. Both holding their own, as they should as there were a few ozzie questions and quite a few US questions, but no-one dropped the ball. Good to see Billie's Bitches in the house, sans Billie, but still managing to take home the highly prized bottle of wine! Dylsexics Untied were once again in the running, but pipped at the post and having to make do with 3rd again (3rd time in a row?). Buntie's Wizards Sleeve gave the winners a good run for their money, but were eventually hampered by numbers, dropping 2 points with a team of 8 and cenceding the prize to the worthy winners Google didn't pay his £1 - who won a free-drink as well, despite thinking the Dunkirk landing occurred in 1917!
Good night was had by all, best team name has to go to our late arrivals with Slipped in Cider!

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