Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Feb 22 2017 20:00

The Tightest Quiz Contest In The History Of Quizzes Happened Tonight In Clapham! (Number 3 May Shock You!)

Tyrone A

There have been tight quizzes before and then there was this one. Not one, not two, not three but FOUR teams finished on 36 points tonight and this can only have meant one thing - a four way tie break to see who would win the first prize at The Railway and the war of nerves was won by the team of The Hamster Apocalypse who managed to correctly answer the nail-biting tie-breaker question.

Can you do better? Come on down to The Railway next and EVERY Wednesday to find out.

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Top Teams
Hampster Apocalypse
And the winner is,,,
Trumplestiltskin's Tiny Hands
Noteably Stupid