Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Sep 12 2018 20:00

Two for Two

Chris R

Lots of teams, lots of characters. Repeat offenders and serial daters, this week had it all!
"Quizoners of Ladkaban" were back to see if their first visit was a fluke, while previous winners and Jackpot winners "Come for the Quiz, not for the food...", were also here to test their metal.
A birthday crew were here for Larry's event, who got a cake and a song, and it was good to see "The Quizlamic State" and "Turn 'em Green" again. Welcome to the newbies - "Losers in the corner", "The Welshcakes" and "Minge & Tonic", at least one of whom got themselves a free drink.
But the "Quizoners of Ladkaban" took first prize, as before, a formidable group indeed. "Turn'em green" took the wine of shame, and nobody got the jackpot!

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Quizoners of Ladkaban
Minge & Tonic
The Quizlamic State
Come for the Quiz, not for the food...
Mile high club
Happy as Larry
In it for the wine