Ram Sun, May 20 2018 20:00

Bag Of Spuds

David M

Forty-six human beings played a game resembling Game of Thrones, I haven't seen it but I imagine that's what it's like, at The Ram in Kingston tonight.

It was loud and it was noisy it was I believe a quiz.
There were winners and there were losers. On the whole, I'd say there were more of one than the other. It really was that type of night.

'John and Tonic' turned up and played a mega game in very difficult conditions (they were sitting on bar stools which can be a bit hard on your bum.)

But tonight's overall winner's and by that I don't mean they were wearing overalls, was 'The Cougars'. Steph almost won the jackpot but didn't but still ended up pocketing a massive fifty-pound bar tab.

Let's not forget the incredible 'Spuds' who played a very crafty long game. Despite scoring high in the first half they managed to storm into second to last place as three teams scored equal bottom. That only meant one thing that 'The Spuds' had it in the bag and were laughing all the way to the toilet.

Well done 'Spuds' and everyone else in the world. Without you, there wouldn't be anyone there.

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