Ram Sun, Oct 22 2017 20:00

BBC Announcement

David M

At approximately twenty hundred hours as the crow fly's in the proximity of the town of Kingston(a town renowned for it's connection with a controversial King called Henry)
In the drinking establishment named after a make of animal you can find in fields (the animal I am referring to is The Ram) A test of unbelievable consequence and character was carried out between 19 people divided up into five teams in what can only be described as a Question One Pub Quiz.

The team that gathered about them the most points was declared the winner. After a tense recount reminiscent of the US Kerry-Bush election back in nineteen ninety something that team was announced as being 'BBC'.

The team which shocked us all in the best possible way and came in second to last thus winning the bottle of wine and a free drink was the immaculate 'Jo's Garden Ho's'.

Well done everyone. Hope to see you all very soon!

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