Ram Sun, Apr 15 2018 20:00

Brain Boxes

David M

I remember studying many classic novels when I was at school.

They're still fresh in my memory if I think of them.
What were they then? Let's go through them, shall we?

There was 'Lord of The Fly's', 'Five Go To Smuggler's Cove', 'Of Mice and Men' and my favourite of all...'The Brains And The Men'.

Tonight nine teams pitted their brains together in a rip-roaring quiz to the end. But out of all those nine teams, one scored more than any other.

'Cambridge PHD Nuro-Scientists' didn't quite get there this week, neither did 'Wildly Inappropriate'.
No the team that really stormed home with 39 gloriouslytastic points was the literary named 'The Brains and The Men'.

Well done everyone and well done 'Brains'. You really know how to answer those questions!

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Top Teams
The Brains and The Men
Cambridge PHD Nuroscience Students
Wildly Inappropriate
Pun For The Road