Ram Sun, Nov 25 2018 20:00

Chaos Theory

David M

If I could have put money on who would have won tonight I would have lost.
I'm taking my trousers off here and being honest with you.
When you are week in week out watching all the teams... how they progress etc, the different strengths of each of them. Some finish anagrams in seconds, some are good at tube stations that sort of thing.
Okay I'm diverting a bit here so let me put it like this...
Now I am going to talk about the winning team but I've known "John and Tonic" for a while now okay?
I remember the first time they found this quiz. It was a pitch black night, it was raining, they were lost, scared. There were only two of them in those days, Gavin and Seb. All the others had been killed or lost in the storm.
All of a sudden, I think it was Seb that saw it first... a light at the top of the hill
"What is it?"
"It's a light"
"There might be food there. We haven't eaten for an hour"
"There might be warmth there"
"There might be a quiz there"
So they came in, they were nervous at first understandably, they were younger then of course... still in their shorts probably but boy, did those boys play.. And then they started to win and they won big.
Their life styles changed, they were in that elite club of big winners.
To top it all, last week exactly a week today they won by ten clear points. It was obvious that this was something big.
Yet for a few weeks now this new team "Ramstein" have been playing away. Nobody took them seriously at the beginning with their name and everything. Yet they kept on coming and scoring high and then tonight, guess what? They only went and won the whole flipping thing.
They beat a five man "John and Tonic".
Now that takes some doing, it really does.
I think now is the time to stop laughing at "Ramstein" and start taking them seriously.
"Quiz In My Pants" won the £200 and were third overall.
Well done everybody.

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