Ram Sun, Feb 04 2018 20:00

Happy Jackpot Winners

Richard L

Two very happy drama students left The Ram Pub last night £200 richer! The two ladies were originally not going to play the quiz but after having a drink or two decided that they would join the fun and settled down to answer the 40 questions posed by quizmaster Richard Linton who was covering the venue for David the regular man.
The students felt a bit down at the half-way point but carried on and although not winning the quiz, took a guess at Daniel Radcliffe's height and got it spot on, earning them a chance to "Play Their Cards Right" and win the £200 jackpot which they did! When they were told they had won there was a moment of disbelief before they realized that £200 cash was their's. Well done and also to 'I'am poot', the team which won the quiz and the £50 bar tab.

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