Ram Sun, Dec 02 2018 20:00

High Rollers

David M

"Sir would you care for a pen? Something to write with?"
"How about a chair to sit down on sir ? Yes?"
"Sir. Here is a table. It is flat. We made it just like that because we know that's how you like them."
"Can I get anything else for you Sir? Another pen top perhaps?"
This is the type of VIP treatment that Gavin, Seb or any of the boys or girls who make up "John and Tonic" can expect when they attend the Question One Quiz on a Sunday night.
You see these are some of The Rams high rollers. They make up that unique set of clientele who are consistently able to win first place. They sometimes even manage to win a free drinks round.
According to an unknown made up source, "John and Tonic" have won that many times they practically own the pub now.
Be that as it may tonight was another example of their consistency.
An eight piece "Quiz in My Pants" were constantly at their heals but never really caused them to lose their demeanour and go crazy.
"The Stevie Wonders" are a team to watch. Third after these giants is no small achievement and they narrowly missed winning the £200 jackpot by just one card.
Well done everybody. See you again soon.

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