Ram Sun, Nov 12 2017 20:00

Holy Moses

David M

More wars have been caused by religion than any other thing*(1)
And it looked like another war was going to break out tonight over whether Moses was the only person in the Bible who God was personally mates with and used to have a laugh with and all that yeah.

But what about Adam?

And there the dilemma lay. Another unnesecary war was avoided when the quiz master skilfully ignored the question thus avoiding further pointless blood letting.

This theological crisis occurred at The Ram in Kingston this Sunday night on what can only be described as a full on quiz.

Such tight scores. 'Cambridge PHD nuroscientists students' tieing neck and neck with 'The Ting Goes Skrrrrraahh'.
One point winners The Hollow Earth Astronomy Society holding their heads up above the precipice and seeing the holy land of the £50 bar tab.

Double winner's 'John and Tonic' were back again tonight*(2) and they really showed what for by securing themselves a great big bottle of wine.

What a smashing night. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you all again soon.


*(1) Apart from oil and other natural resources including mineral wealth such as gold and for imperialist expansionist reason's etc

*(2) For the second time

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