Ram Sun, Oct 14 2018 20:00

John And Tonic Are Back!

David M

Without any doubt, what happened tonight was a proper quiz.
Go over to the library, look it up on the index and you'll find that what happened tonight falls exactly within the remit of a quiz.

What's more it saw the return of "John & Tonic". This time John was with them and it was an absolute belter, not just because "John & Tonic" were there but because of the new teams that are coming through now, like "Only Here For The Beer". I remember them when they were running around in their shorts coming last or second to last but tonight they took the quiz by the balls of its feet and ran with it all the way with it to second place.

Seb came extremely close to winning the £200 play your cards right round narrowly missing by just four cards.

Well done every single person who played tonight!

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