Ram Sun, Oct 15 2017 20:00

Just the Tonic

David M

I have always said that one of the most important parts of any quiz is the pen. Without a pen most teams would do really, really badly. The pens are used for winning points. When they are used correctly they can end up being a decisive factor in winning the game.

The second very important part of having a successful quiz is having the players. Tonight at The Ram in Kingston we did have the players and together they made up the teams that fought in the quiz.

All teams used their pens with great effect but one team used them better than others.
Late arrivers 'John and Tonic' were quiz warrior's who had headed into the night with Google and a taxi to find a quiz that that could satisfy their desires.

They found it tonight by God. They scored more points than any other team in the entire pub and that makes them the winners in anyone's book, especially mine.

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