Ram Sun, Nov 26 2017 20:00

Kirk Douglas

David M

History repeats itself according to the German philosopher Hegel. He was a smashing lad and what he was saying basically that things happened again and again.

There was once a song by the band Status Quo that was called Again and Again or something like that. Again and Again was definitely in the chorus.

Status Quo were probably Hegelians.
Anyway the reason why we are talking about Hegel is because tonight at The Ram in Kingston history repeated itself one more time just as Hegel said it would.

Multiple winners 'I Am Poot' took home with them the fifty smackers bar tab. They looked well pleased. It's been a couple of weeks since they played but that was a pretty good come back.
But it didn't come without some challenges namely from 'Universally Challenged' who only just missed out on the 150 smackers cash prize. Hard luck Ollie. Well done But in the end you didn't really lose because the taking part is more fun than the actual winning.

Long game players 'Quiz Me Baby One More Time' Were back tonight and they bagged themselves a great big bottle of wine for the second time. Fantastic!

Great teams tonight, Quality quizzing. Hope to see you all back very soon!

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