Ram Sun, Sep 03 2017 20:00

Love Is In The Air

David M

It really was starting to spit a bit on Sunday night at The Ram in Kingston. So you know it takes that extra bit of guts, that extra bit of ball's to come out on a night when you could get a bit damp and need to put your hood up.

But 31 players risked it all the same. We began the quiz with a respectful 30 seconds silence for the late Bruce Forsythe which everyone took part in and then all heck broke loose

To be honest when it came to the end of the first half I didn't know who was going to win but I knew one of them would and sure enough I was proved right.

Past winners I am Poot after a disappointing first half began making their presence known. First it happened when they won the nearest to question and got to play Play Your Cards Right. Will came within one card of winning two hundred pounds but I think Will will agree that the taking part is the most important thing rather than the two hundred pounds.

But what's this? I am Poot shifted up a gear and snatched the first prize of fifty glorious pounds bar tab. Congratulations team but special congratulations from me and Question One to Emily and Dave. What a lovely couple who are, as of last Saturday engaged to be married

We'll be seeing a lot more of I am Poot in the future I'm sure.

Thank you all for the round of applause initiated by Dave. It was unexpected and appreciated

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