Ram Sun, Nov 18 2018 20:00

Man Bites Dog

David M

The dog bit hard on my leg. I knew he wasn't going to let his teeth go. Harder and harder he gnashed. I had to get the answers out whatever the cost, like my life depended on it or my leg at least.
'What colour is a £50 Monopoly note?'
Pandemonium breaks out, the room starts to spin. The dog reaches the bone really getting his teeth stuck in.
'It's blue, it's white, it's purple...'
The voices going round in my head.
Must... Carry... On...
This was the scene at The Ram in Kingston tonight.
And when all the screaming had ended that terrible ear splitting scream like a banshee in a quiz?... Where was that screaming coming from... Eventually I realised it was coming from my mouth.
The dog still had hold of my leg but one time had hold of a £50 bar tab.
That team was "John and Tonic". Back again this time as a six piece they smashed themselves into first place with more points than there were questions.
Well done everyone. And well done all J&Ts

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