Ram Sun, Nov 05 2017 20:00

Medical Break Through

David M

Several teams braved a very dark night in a very big pub to play a very thorough quiz.
What pub is it you ask?
It was The Ram in Kingston
How many teams you ask?
There were four all in all. Let's count them shall we? One, two, three, four. Four complete teams. Four. The exact same number of wheels you need on a car. Four. The thing that was Fantastic and they made a movie franchise out of it. The fantastic four. Well that's exactly how many teams there were tonight. In a nutshell.

So what exactly happened?
Well its hard to say what exactly happened because that would take too long but what roughly happened was medical students 'The Big Man Ting Wombles' were really battling it out with 'The Global Flat Earth Society'. Both teams won the free drinks round and 'The Wombles' had a bash at the cash in Play Your Cards Right and lost but 'The Global Flat Earth Society' really nailed it in the end with 31 flipping points.

But let's not forget the other winners of the night The Guardians of Et Whirl who had an absolute mega second half and ended up winning a great big bottle of wine after conquering some difficult questions.

Well done Guardians. Well done everyone. Hope to see you all soon.

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The Global Flat Earth Society
The Big Man Ting Wombles
Guardians of Et Whirl
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