Ram Sun, Jul 22 2018 20:00

Muscle Bound

David M

I've seen a lot of different things happen in quizzes and tonight was one of them.
You could tell from the outset that someone was going to win it but no one could tell exactly who it would be. Not until the scores came in that was and even then you couldn't say.

I did a quick calculation and after the first half results came in I narrowed it down to being between three potential teams.

"Northern Soul", "Argentina Turner" and "Where's The Gun Show?"

That's right a brand new team of mountain climbers called "Where's The Gun Show?" seemed to appear out of nowhere. They kept saying they didn't stand a chance and didn't know what they were doing... Lulling everyone into a false sense of security and that.

It's a kind of double bluff that some poker players use. Anyone who has seen the movie The Sting will know what I'm talking about.

I'll tell you where all this was going on. It was in The Ram in Kingston.

Anyway, "Where's The Gun Show?" won both free drink rounds. They came top in the first half then after that, they only went and won the whole quiz. And left with a fifty-pound bar tab in their hands.

Well done "Where's The Gun Show?" and well done everyone else in the world.

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