Ram Sun, Feb 25 2018 20:00

Quizzed Up

David M

One thing you can say about tonight was it happened. There were many other things that also happened tonight but no one will remember them unless they were there.
One team that was there tonight and by there I mean The Ram in Kingston, was Fenton's.

Fenton's came out of nowhere and started answering questions left, right and center.
They answered that many questions that they ended up winning the quiz.

But they didn't do that unopposed. Eight other teams battled and I do mean battled for first place. Right at the top were two man regulars John and Tonic and last weeks winners Quiz In My Pants, who also came close to winning Play Your Cards Right.

A chaotic night of noise and quizzing. One thing you can say about it is it's over.
Well done everyone.

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Quizz In My Pants
John and Tonic
Dickens Cider