Ram Sun, Sep 10 2017 20:00

Round The Horn

David M

Everything happened tonight at The Ram in Kingston. The whole night was like one gigantic quiz. We began with the traditional and respectful 30 seconds silence for the great Bruce Forsythe who we honoured respectfully in our Play Your Cards Right round.

Then after that everything exploded including the inside of the microphone.
Massive rivalry erupted between two teams Quiz In My Pants and Quiz Me Baby One More Time. Both fighting it out to the bloody death in a no nonsense quizathon of fire as to who would come second to last and win the bottle of wine.

Right from the start Quiz Me Baby's plan started going very wrong.... very wrong indeed.... They were just a bit too good and ended up blowing it completely by finishing fourthfrom top which left Quiz In My Pants absolutely quizzing their pants in delight as they raced off to the bar and scored themselves a great big bottle of wine.

Mystery team of the night has to be the astounding Gape Horn. Didn't they do well everyone?. Yes they did, yes they did.
Christina won them all the massive £200 play your cards right megathon and then after that they only went and won the whole blinking cabundle and scored more points than any other team in the pub which meant they won the fifty pound bar tab and everything.

Well done Gape Horn and well done everyone else.

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