Ram Sun, Nov 19 2017 20:00


David M

It never stopped tonight. From the first question right through to the fortieth, it was one after the other, after the other, after the other until only one team was left standing.

There are not many teams that can withstand that type of onslaught but one did tonight.

Let's go back a bit and set the scene to give you a proper flavor of what actually happened.

The place it took place in was The Ram in Kingston. A well known hang out of quizzers in the South West of London.

Folks come from miles around to get involved in some of the fastest quizzing this side of M25.

When all was said and done to old rivals, both former winner's squared up to each other to see which one would go down because there was only one team going to get out of their alive.

'Two Tim' in a row winners 'The Organic Gene Farmers' decided they'd like to make it a hat trick by taking down former winner's 'John and Tonic' but things didn't go quite the way they planned.

In an absolutely amazing turn around 'John and Tonic' managed to get the better of 'The Organic Gene Farmers' by a full three points, it was cruel, it was bloody but at the end of the day that's quizzing.

Well done everyone. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and please do come back soon.

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