Ram Sun, Jun 03 2018 20:00

The Beatles

David M

The air was heavy with excitement and heat. Tonight it just didn't stop. From start to finish it was go, go, go.

Everyone was playing apart from those that hadn't joined in. Nothing could stop the constant amount of questions that were coming out one after the other. Everyone was writing stuff down. This is where the pens really came in handy.

Some teams were doing better than others and some teams were doing less well than others and some were doing exactly the same.

That's the type of night it was. It just kept going. First there was the first half and then we had the break and then right after that we had the second half.

Outstanding amongst all who played tonight was the indisputable John and Tonic. Whenever they turn up you know there's going to be a quiz and what's more than that you know it's going to be good.

Seb won the first free drink of the night and then Jess very narrowly missed the Play Your Cards Right by only four cards but in the end they narrowly scraped into first position by a mere 17 points and bagged themselves the fifty pounds bar tab.

They weren't the only winners tonight. Oh no. Not by a long chalk. Literally Anything were right on their heels. They won the second free drink question about the first female Doctor Who and then right after that they won themselves the great big bottle of wine consolation prize.

Not bad for the first ever pub quiz they'd done in their lives.

But the night didn't go without drama. During the marking of the quiz a freak Beetle which was probably a mutation from a nuclear mad scientist laboratory, a Beetle the size of a dog (a three and a half inch dog with wings) flew into the bar and began terrorising all the customers.

While the management were calling 999 one of the Tonics leaped up and made battle with the creature. For a while it was touch and go as the creature had him by the throat and flung him half way across the bar but after another lengthy fight with bar stools and all that sort of thing he managed to put it in a beer glass and take it outside.

That's The Ram for you on a Sunday night.

Well done everyone. See you all very soon.

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