Ram Sun, Jun 10 2018 20:00

The Night We Did A Quiz

David M

In every game there has to be losers. In fact some people say that the ones who don't win are the real winners.

But those people are crazy. Tonight we saw an amazing and when I say amazing I mean fairly good battle for first place between multiple winners 'Cambridge PhD Nuro Science Students' and 'Nation of Quizlam'.

'Cambridge PhD', could have won it if they had scored more points than 'Nation of Quizlam' but they didn't. They scored less. One point less.

There were tears and there was the obligatory ripping of the shirt in anger and frustration, not just from me but from people outside in the beer garden but inside the 'PhD's' took it calmly and as cool as a cucumber.

I'm sure they'll be back to regain their title and as for 'Nation of Quizlam' I'm sure we haven't heard the last of them. I could hear them all the way back to the main road.

Well done everyone who took part and well-done everyone who didn't. We couldn't have done it without you even though we did. :)

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