Ram Sun, Aug 27 2017 20:00

The Two Ways Towards Enlightenment

David M

There are two ways you can play a bank holiday quiz in The Ram on a Sunday night in Kingston. The first way is to go all out with your head down like Rocky Marciano or Mike Tyson hoping you will knock every team down. Anyone gets in your way you smash them down.

That's the way that Heaven Knows I'm Quizzable
played it tonight.... Even going up for the play your card's right jackpot and just narrowly missing it on the first card

The Marciano approach worked because 'The Heavens' took home the first prize of fifty glorious Quid's worth of bar tab.

The second way you can play the bank holiday quiz in The Ram on a Sunday night at 8pm, is by playing the long game.
And that's exactly what three piece No Eye Deer did and managed to bag themselves a great big massive bottle of wine for coming second to last.

Well done everyone. It was a doozy. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

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