Ram Sun, Mar 18 2018 20:00

The Way Of The Cucumber

David M

Outside the snow was falling as thick as a Daily Sports reader and inside it was warm and tight as the Chancellor of the Exchequer's budget speech.

Four brave teams, battled the elements to come to The Ram on a Sunday night in Kingston and go head to head in a battle for their lives to win £90.00 sterling and a ginormous £50 bar tab.

In the end, it came to a tiebreaker between the brilliantly named 'Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber' and 'Team Brexit'.

Only one team could win it and they did. 'Team Brexit' clinched it but 'Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber' came close but didn't quite get there because 'Team Brexit' did better than them on one question and then 'Crouching Woman...... (WORD COUNT COMPLETE)! :)

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