Ram Sun, Oct 01 2017 20:00

Triple Threat

David M

Despite it being past eight o'clock at night and very very dark outside six teams, count them one, two, three, four, five, six.
Six complete teams played like billy-o. There was a person on one of the teams called Billy and a lot of people were playing like him.

There were questions about animal, questions about flags, and questions about tube stations and questions about all sort's.

That's right it was a full on Pub Quiz and it was taking place at The Ram in Kingston.

Tonight 'Tom L.Walkers' absolutely stormed it...winning a free drink, Play Your Cards Right cash and first prize £50 bar token.

There are a few teams with consistently high score cards playing at The Ram. It would be great to have them all together one night

Well done 'Tom L.Walters'. Brilliant playing. Always great to see you!!

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