Ram Sun, Jul 29 2018 20:00

Woo Dares Wins

David M

There's was only one thing you could call tonight's cacophonous, chaotic conglomeration of players and that was a quiz.

Right from the beginning it was loud and lay. But one team fought their way through the trenches to win fifty pounds worth of bar tab and that was the Wood Woos.

I'll tell you where it all happened as well, it was in The Ram in Kingston.

They came very close to winning the £119 jackpot play your cards right round. Holly almost got there if she had got more cards right but she didn't and she lost.

But the victory was still within their grasp and they seized it big time.

Well done "Double Act" who also had a blindingly good game and found themselves two points within victory.

Well done everyone. See you all very soon.

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