The Rectory Tue, Feb 20 2018 20:00

A Cracking Debut #QuizNight

Paige W

What a warm welcome from The Rectory tonight! Energy was buzzing from the very walls in anticipation for tonight’s quiz. The picture questions seemed to be the nemesis of many this evening, with lot of head scratching whilst trying to figure out who the young footballer in the ‘Who When Younger’ question was. (Lots of ‘of course!’ sighs when Peter Crouch was revealed as the answer!) Team ‘No Ragrets’ were quick to get in the lead this evening, tying for 1st place at the end of round 1 with no less than two other teams. They scooped the prize at the end of the second round, edging out their main competition, 'the Heath Legends' with just one extra point. As luck would have it, ‘No Ragrets’ were up to play Higher or Lower to win the evenings jackpot, but their luck ran out and the jackpot now rolls over to next week. If you think you can bag that prize and give our quizzers a run for their money, we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday at the Rectory!

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