The Rectory Tue, May 28 2019 20:00

A Fierce Battle for the Crown, and The Jackpot is Won!!

Paige W

Tensions were supremely hight tonight at The Rectory, as there was only a point between each of our top three teams! After a first round that had most teams tied for their spot, the race was on in round two to crown a winner. Last week's winner 'Knowledge is Porridge' had their game faces on, and in the end, newcomers 'Quizzly Bears' were thwarted by our reigning champs. It wasn't over however, for 'Ginge Emily', as they correctly guessed the height of London's BT building (191 metres if you're curious), which meant they were up to play for £214 in cold hard cash. The cards were in their favour, and they were delighted to be going home a little richer than expected! Next week will see even more hijinxs and hilarity, so make sure you join us at 8pm at the Rectory!

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