The Rectory Tue, Aug 14 2018 20:00

The 'Vayrak Kayakers' Show Us How It's Done!

Paige W

On Tuesday night The Rectory was practically buzzing with excitement for this week's quiz. What a joy it was to have so many competitive quizzers join us for our weekly game. We had last week's winners 'The Shaymen' in attendance determined to keep their crown, as well as last week's second place team, the renamed 'Vayrak Kayakers' set upon stealing the top spot. It was a tense first round which saw lots of tied scored in the middle of the leader board, but the 'Kayakers' were off to a great start with the top spot as we started our second round. All of our teams put up a valiant fight for that £50 bar & food tab, but it seemed noone was a match for our top team of the evening 'The Vayrak Kayakers'! Congratulations to them for a well deserved victory. Join us next week for more fierce quizzing, and see if you can steal the crown for yourself!

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