Richard 1st, Greenwich Tue, Oct 24 2017 20:00

Its a win double for Ultimate in a tiebreaker thriller

Nigel B

An electric atmosphere here at The Richard 1st tonight. A full house, all the regulars, and a couple of serious looking new teams were cast upon us. You know when one of the new teams ask 'who is the main threat?'
That they mean business. So it proved, when that particular team were ahead at halftime by a single point.
The boys or should i say "Little mix pre op." Were also well in there considering they were being penalized 3 points for having a large team. All three teams had a fantastic second half, but it ended up with all three tied on 38. The tiebreaker was close but Ultimate just nicked it to make it two in a row. Great effort by all concerned. Well done to 'The Wall flowers' for winning the bottle of wine for second to last place. Great night all round.

See ya all next week.

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