Richard 1st, Greenwich Tue, Sep 18 2018 20:00

Legumes APlenty, Quizzers Less So

Malcolm H

An uncharacteristically quiet night for The Richard 1st. Nonetheless, 4 teams were mustered, and through the noise, merriment, and almost forensic fascination with the word 'Legume', a quiz took place. 'The Birdbrains' proved anything but, 'The Only Thing Fake About Me' took the £50 Bar Tab, The Last Place took second place, and 'RIP Barry' took the wine. So a Whole Lot Of Taking going on, except sadly in the till. Wherever everyone else was, they missed a cracking night!

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Top Teams
The only thing fake about me is my leg!
Last Place...
R.I.P. Barry
The Birdbrains