Richard 1st, Greenwich Tue, Nov 07 2017 20:00


Nigel B

Well we waited a while for this face off between The Cutty Sark and The Richard 1st, and it did not disappoint anyone. Fantastic crowd showed up for this one, and many thanks to The Cutty Sark faithful who came down. The two strongest teams from The Richard led the way in a thrilling second half which saw the boys who were named 'The right honorable erect members' score maximum points and end up with 43 points. Ultimate quiz-bee tried their best but had to settle for the runners up spot. This meant that the Richard the first retained the trophy for a second time. Well done. Congrats to And then there were three for winning the bottle of wine for second to last place. This was a great event enjoyed by all, and next week it will be back to normal.

See ya all.

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