Richard 1st, Greenwich Tue, Apr 25 2017 20:00

The winner takes it all!

Caolan B

It was a superior knowledge of the lyrics of ABBA that saw team Ultimate Quizbee maintain their half time 4 point lead and claim victory and the £50 prize. It was tight. It was tense, like the battle of Waterloo! . Only ten points separated the teams, but the real battle was who would finish second last and claim the bottle of wine! Jeremy Corbwyn just edging The Real Brexiteers, the team of plucky Americans let down by a question on cricket! A great night was had by all, and there was even a tense tie break in the free drink questions where we learned that Tony Blair was PM for 3708 days! Luckily there is not that big a gap till the next quiz. 6 days to go. Get the brain charged!

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