Richard 1st, Greenwich Tue, Oct 18 2016 20:00

Ultimate in seeeeeventh heaven.

Nigel B

Ultimate quizbee regained their title tonight in a hard fought battle against their old foes who called themselves seeeeeeeven. At half time it was up for grabs, with five teams all within two points of each other.
As you all know the cream rises to the top,and these two teams went at it hell for leather.Along came the final results, tension building " we have two teams left, ultimate have 44 points and seeeeeven also have 44 points"
Gasps fill the room. "but wait seeeeeven have seven people on their team, sorry guys you only have 43 points" As the tears flowed into their glasses, Ultimate quizbee were rejoicing in the corner. Yet another great quiz here at the Richard 1st. Come along everyone come down and see if you can be the best.

Your favorite host Nigel.

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