Rylston Wed, Mar 28 2018 20:00

A Night of Tiebreak

Graham E

A super-exciting night saw three teams tying for the lead at half-time. And such was the closeness of the contest, the same three - 'I was wearing an onion on my belt because it was the style at the time', 'ICSC' and 'Red Lorry Yellow Lorry' - were still inseparable at the final reckoning. A tiebreak ensued, and once again it was 'Red Lorry Yellow Lorry' who clinched a victory, coming closest to guessing the correct amount that the USA paid Russia for Alaska. At the other end of the table, there was also a tiebreak for the bottle of wine between last week's plonk winners 'Golden Girls' and newcomers 'and the winner is...'. And it was the 'Golden Girls' who came out on top once more, meaning that the result was an exact repeat of the winners from last time! The jackpot went unclaimed, and so remains at £250 for next week!

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Top Teams
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
I was wearing an onion on my belt because it was the style at the time
Imperial Ratio
Pugs not Drugs
Golden Girls
and the winner is...