Schoolhouse, Battersea Sun, Jul 09 2017 18:30

2nd Day At School

Tok A

The second quiz at the Schoolhouse in Battersea proved something to me that I was already sort of figuring out as a new quiz master; every crowd is completely different. And they're different for a varitety of reasons - that could be the day of the week, the weather outside, heck it can even be because of what hour of the day it is. All I know is that a certain crowd are going to love certain questions and the 7pm Sunday night lot at the Schoolhouse LOVE pop trivia. Who knew that Justin Bieber had more twitter followers than Barack Obama or all of the names of the original cast of TOWIE? Well they all did and it's no surprise that the winners of the nights quiz told me that they're applying for the new series of Love Island. Looking forward to next weeks quiz and I really hope for there sake that there's less in the way of questions about atoms and molecules and more about Leonardo Dicaprios favourite holiday island! This crowd respond far better to the latter.

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