Schoolhouse, Battersea Sun, Jul 02 2017 18:30

Like the first day of school

Tok A

It was the first night of our exciting new weekly quiz night at The Schoolhouse in Battersea this Sunday. It was like the very first day of school all over again with some nervous players, and some very competitive players but by the end every one was excited and relaxed.

However unlike school, you can drink while learning some new interesting facts and testing those brain cells, and best of all the team that score the highest receive a fantastic £50 bar tab! Our very first winners were 'Quiztina Aguilera' with an impressive score of 38 points!

The team smart enough to come in second-to-last place score themselves a cheeky free bottle of wine! Making it much better than our school days!

Study up and join us every Sunday at The Schoolhouse for our Question One quiz night where we show you just how fun school could have been!!

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Top Teams
Quiztina Aguillera
The Brexiters
Village idiots