Ship Inn Sun, Jul 23 2017 19:30

Tiebreakers all over the place !!!

Nigel B

Hiya all, well tonight saw the best turnout for the Ship. Well done everybody. What a tight quiz it turned out to be. At half time 4 of the 6 teams were tied, so you knew that the second half would be the undoing of a couple of the teams. And so it proved with the Spicy sausage fest nudging ahead along with G and T. So the two went head to head in a tiebreaker, and it was Sausage fest who came up trumps. They then very sportingly donated their prize to G and T. Class act. We also had to decide the bottle of wine for second to last place with a tiebreaker, and this was won tonight by Just the three of us. Play your cards right was again a load of fun, but produced no winners, so £70 rolls over to next week. PHEW!! That's enough for this week.

See ya all next week.

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