Spice of Life Tue, Oct 17 2017 19:00

A Very Cheesy Night

Richard L

I like cheese, but after tonight perhaps a little less. One of the quiz questions made reference to types of cheese and Swiss cheese was mentioned as part of an answer. Now Cheddar, Blue Stilton, Brie etc, etc are all varieties of cheese but Swiss cheese surely just refers to the country in which it is made.
"No", said a member of one team, it is a type of cheese. The cheese was part of question 25 a cryptic clue to an underground station "Swiss Cottage" (two types of cheese)!
Is Swiss cheese a type of cheese? I had to make a decision and in the end the question was cancelled, much to at least one team's annoyance. However, I checked and Swiss cheese is a term used in North America to describe a type of cheese, the one with lots of holes in it.
In the end the cheese question would have made no difference to the order in which the teams were placed. 'Tronald Dumps' led the pack with 33 and second 'The Lobstars with 31 and no mention of cheese.
A bottle of red wine was given as a consolation prize to 'Wong's Wonders' a team which came second to last.
Lots of fun (and arguments about cheese!!!) every week at The Spice of Life from 7pm. Why not come and join in the fun?

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