Spice of Life Tue, Feb 13 2018 19:00

Another Quiz, Another Tie-Break!

Richard L

Before the regular Tuesday night quiz started at The Spice of Life, quizmaster Richard Linton whilst giving out answer and picture sheets found that we had some visitors. A lovely couple who had landed at Heathrow earlier in the day form The West Coast of the USA, also, a family form Antwerp in Belgium. The Americans played along for a while but sadly one of the girls in the Belgium party was only 15 so they couldn't stay.
When the quiz got under way the teams were well matched with the first round ending with around six teams finishing on the same score. After round 2 though, things began to get more interesting and finally a team that on Saturday coming will be taking part in University Challenge, finished in first place with a score of 37 whilst two other teams had to answer a tie-break question to decide second place. In the end 'Innocent Bystander's came out in front with third place going to a two man team 'Team Reynolds'. Well done to all and we look forward to seeing you next week!!

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