Spice of Life Tue, Sep 04 2018 19:00

Donald's Loos

Richard L

A strange subject for a tie-break question perhaps, but with two teams on 30 points, there had to be a way to find the better team.
What better question than, 'How many bathrooms in The White House?' As the White House is in America, I would assume that "Bathroom" means "Loo"!
Two guesses - 29 from one team and 62 from the other. The correct answer was 35 and the team nearer was " So Called Quizlamic State" so this was the second placed team with "My Drinking Team Has A Quizzing Problem", coming in third place and "Lucky Lamas" winning a bottle of red wine for being second to last.
Well done to all teams! Why not join us next week - we start at 7 pm in the cellar bar.

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