Spice of Life Tue, Jul 04 2017 19:00

Innocence Triumphs!

Richard L

So much false news about at the moment that it's good to be able to be truthful and report that Innocent Bystanders won the Spice of Life quiz this week.
Being July 4th there were a few questions about Independence Day matters and some free drinks were won by people with a good knowledge of all things American. However, a question about Benjamin Franklin asking "What did he invent which we still use today", had many people stumped. Answer, not a lightning conductor but bifocal glasses! The winner (a lady) told quizmaster Richard Linton that she had cheated and when asked how replied that she was American!! No problem and a drink is yours.
Join us next week at The Spice of LIfe in London's West End. No free drinks guaranteed but you will have a great evening! We start quizzing at 7pm.

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