Spice of Life Tue, Jul 18 2017 19:00

Innocents come third after a tie-break.

Richard L

Innocent Bystanders, a regular team at The Spice of Life managed a third place last night after a tie-break situation with The Cants, both teams scoring 30 points. The tie-break question concerned the number of rooms in Buckingham Palace. Strange though this maybe, Innocent Bystanders guessed correctly, (775), but the team decided that this was far too many and reduced the guess by 25!
Winning with a healthy 39 points after a two point deduction for having eight in the team was Kings & Queens off Line and in second place with 31 points Quizzing is Punny.
Always a great atmosphere at The Spice and an early start quiz for people who have trains to catch!

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