Spice of Life Tue, Oct 23 2018 19:00

Jolly Good Sports!

Richard L

The atmosphere at The Spice of Life on a Tuesday night, quiz night, is always friendly and fun as teams compete to win cash prizes. Last night was no exception and at the end of the quiz "N.Y.E." was the victorious three man team with a score of 33 points.
At the other end of the scores there is always a bottle of wine for the team that is placed second to last. Last night there was a tie-break with two teams having scored 18 points. "We're Gonna Lose", was the team that ended up with a bottle of red wine, but being lovely ladies, the two team members, shared their prize with their competitors!
Always a great place to be on a Tuesday evening, The Spice of Life quiz starts at 7pm. Why not join us next Tuesday?

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